W: Yan & Raymond

Yan & Raymond is the friend of my client Germaine & Stanley. Nearly all the party in the wedding is the same, like a gathering.
My photo slideshow keep looping all the night, I think it need to pay the advertisement charge to them, haha.

They have the morning session at Mira, which is the well known hotel that the theme is grey.
And I tried to use my LED light for lighting up the room, I think it is much better than using the flash light while video crew can make use of it too.
The big battery for the maximum light last for 4 hours which is amazing, and help me lot to give the highlight all around.

And the ceremony held in the StMarks Church at Ho Man Tin, the light inside is natural and good for shooting.
Although the same limitation that no one can stand up the stage and so we always have the Back photo during the ceremony.

Date: 30 October 2013

Couple: Yan & Raymond

Snapshot: Me
Standard: John Ng
Assistant: Heather Lai
Video: Ray Cheung

MUA: Rainbow

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