PW: Angie & David

Already forgot how many time that my friend big day that I am not free. While Angie you must be one of that, which make me upset again.
By the way, hope you enjoy the photo. Although I felt it is not good enough and there could be much more better way to take it better. It is a long day for shooting, while 4 dressing and 4 location in the day.
I think there could not more than 1 hour shooting for each place. I will reject any other who suggest to have more than 3 location and 3 dressing per day shooting afterward.
For the day shooting, I am sure that I am lovely to meet the cow in wild, they are lovely and gentle. And make the photo more funny.

Couple: Angie & David
Photographer: Me
Assistant: Eric Lam
MUA: Vince Ng

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