W: NEX5 final test on Ching & Derek big day

It really a special wedding shooting for me.

Firstly, I act as a guess photographer and just using my NEX5 with three lens and 1 LED light only. I have the trial in pre-wedding before while I am the assistant. But this is the first time to totally use the NEX5 to capture whole day wedding.

Gear set as below:
NEX5, 18-55, 50.8, 55-250, LED light

Here is the comments of the system:
Fast live view shooting
Fast continuous shooting speed
Flip monitor

Short battery life, due to live view
Less post processing capability even store in RAW, low dynamic range, white balance issue
No hot shoes

It is good for shooting in NOT BAD quality with FAST enough response and easier for me to composite the photos. But the white balance control seem not good as Canon and can’t tune well as what I saw.
While the noise might be the issue of NEX5, as it’s just a APS-C sized camera, can’t compare with my full frame camera, and the lens quality might not enough for me to capture the sharp image. Just looking for a full frame but DC sized camera.
Battery consumption is an issue of NEX5. I have 2 batteries and forgot to bring along my charger, 1 ran out before lunch and only 30% remained for the banquet session. Next time I will buy one more battery if shoot in wedding.
At last, NEX5 bring me to have another style of shooting. With the live view and zoom lens, I can check the final image before I shoot (thanks for fast focusing speed), and also the lightweight property. I can focus on paying attention to what people is doing and just simple press the shutter.

Date: 17 Sep 2013

Couple: Ching & Derek

Snapshot Photographer: Jan Wong
Video Crew Leader: Kelvin Kwok

ST Hyatt – the White Chapel – Eaton


Written by

It is nearly 6 years to being active in photo shooting. From the first day I get in touch of digital camera, I knew nothing on it and just thinking of being special from other. While studying Electronics in university, I am interested in most IT device. During the internship, I got a chance to travel through China in 11 days and I decided to buy my first camera, Canon Powershot S3IS, which is a 12x zoom camera. I love this camera which provide a long distance shooting and great flexibility on manual setting, I learn lot of shooting skill from web, peer. And I made use of the camera strengths, i.e. 12x zoom, fast response, to capture my friends emotion, that most affect me to being a portrait shooter whether than landscape shooter. In the final year, I met Thomas Ng again, a famous wedding photographer in HK. And start my professional assistant freelance there. From nothing knew in DSLR, to had my first DSLR and being a full time photographer, it really a challenging stage which you need to understand what it is and what you need or not. Not only the skill, the technology but how you make it and how you get it, which is really difficult to tell you but I try to show you by picture I did. Honestly, I am not very well behave on most situation but I really lucky that I do have such professional and experiencing photographer team to teach me. From now on, I need to further develop my retouching skill first, which help me to show more excellent photo to you here. Cheers, in.Cal.V 2012

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